A pre “taste” of Tokyo in Makati – Philippines

Inside the restaurant

Last week we went to little Tokyo in Legaspi village, Makati. My friend was very curious of this places that we decided to went around 2pm.

We drove there using MRT from SM North EDSA station to Maggalanes station and then take the “Washington” route jeepney To Little tokyo, just ask the driver to Stop in there. 

Is not that hectic during the day

You have to remember that this place will open at 18.00 pm. But since it is a very crowded area, you will experience traffic to get to here. So my advice, you could arrived around 16.00pm and go around to the mall until it open.

It said that you will experience a true authenticity of Japan. But don’t forget to bring lots of money if you really wanted a full blown experience of culinary there since the food price is above 200 peso. 
You’ll also have to know that this area is not big (of course since it called little tokyo😋) i mean don’t expect too much. But still its a great experience.

Inside one of the restaurant
Food that we order
Outside view
Nocking the door
A little selfie
The entrance
Tammi post
Between the ally
A walk through tokyo
There are mini markets  that open outside of little tokyo area, you could browsh around there until it open. There also a restaurant beside the mini-market. We actually try the food there, but i perfer the food inside little Tokyo. 
Mini market
Restaurant decor
The menu
Table arrangements

Hopefully i will have the opportunity to visit “real” Tokyo in the future☺️


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