The “possible” dream

Dream as high as you can, but if you can’t reach it, observe your possibilities. You may be in the middle of making it “possible”

My parents always said “Appriciate what you got, and leave out the impossible”. It also the same as Islam teaches us how to said “Alhamdulillah” which means be greatfull of what u got.

I never dream to continue my study as high as now, because i always just that person who follow the flow, but when an opportunity comes within my way, i never question much, i will act as it drives me toward a destination that is unpredictable.

When a scholarship offer came into my way, my heart started to said “oh yes!” So then my mind started to focus. My institution once offered me to study in Australia, but then it differs to Asian countries as the budget being cut off for other sector.

Did i felt dissappointed? 

At first yes, i do wanted to feel a different atmosphere from what my countries offered. But then i realized, it maybe just the opportunity that i needed. No matter which countries you will be sent off, the question remain, “what would you do with those infront of you?”

We often seek for something that was not there. We called it a “dream,but when reality strike, we compared it, which then made us hesitate to move. 

My life is simple, do what is now, let the past be in the past and future be untouched. Now is something that we could work on, so i’ll say “yes” to those what is now being offered.

And now i lived my life in the philippine, a country that looked similar to mine, but somehow felt different. I learn a lot here, and I will experience much more in the future. 

I might reach those dream that are now still in my head, travelling around the world and be “touch” by amazing experiences.😘😊

But for now, i am pretty happy with what i have 😉

Because those choice i could experience this things😊😊😊😊

Amazing bagan
In the ruin of bagan
Visiting “tokyo”
Backpacking around Hongkong
Visiting the famous lion
Bonding with new friends

Crossing Macau
Sunbathing in Subic

So I should said “Alhamdulillah” ☺️☺️


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