Subic : The beach that ones scilence 

Finally i could visit some beach in the philippine, last time it was in Batangas, this time its Subic. 

This place once were an US army base camp, so the place were pretty closed back then. 

Our “Guardian angel” Mrs Egha Dilaga actually invited us to tag along with her family to go on a quick vacation in Subic.

But we had a very unpleasant experience about the hidden fee there. At first the entrence fee to the beach is 150peso/head. When we asked for some space there to put our things, they charged us around 800peso.

Mba Egha decided to by some shrimps from the local. They said if we decided to go to the island, they’ll cooked it for us.

Since it is not a white sand beach as we imagined, we decided to just go to the island. They said that we will be guided to around 3 islands there and it cost around 1500/boat for 2hours.

Well.. since we thought that it would be a great experience for the kids, so we agreed on that. The ride to the island was around 15 minutes. 

But after we arrived in the island, they charged us again around 400peso for the place there, although in the beach, the guy said it already covered. Ouch!! But its all good.. at least we still have a happy smile in our faces 

Lil bit narsism won’t hurt anyone right 😉???


My next bucket list in the Philippine :

  • Boracay
  • Palawan
  • Ilocos
  • Davao

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