Eating Paradox : indonyaki flavour

Its pretty funny to think about our eating habit here. Perhaps you already know that i am “cast away” from my beautiful home indonesia.

In the philippine, i realize that me and some of my indonesian friend usually have this habit of searching for indonesian food when we go to eat outside.

Maybe most of us just wanted to find that “peaceful” of being homesick. So we hunt for that taste which reminds us of home.😅

And if we are lucky, we actually could find indonesian food in metro manila. This one is located in maginhawa, near diliman area. It is called INDONYAKI

The place is crowded with customers, so you have to wait for a while to get seated.😞🤔

For the price range, its actually pretty cheap because it probably aim the students for its main customers. The taste was quite nice also. And the portion of the food is pretty big, so you can share with others.😁

The food that we order are :

  • 1 chicken/ayam krispi (good for 4 person)
  • 1 soto ayam
  • Lumpia
  • Nasi goreang
  • 3 fresh tea

Its a paradox because when we go back to Indonesia, usually we hunt for that international taste that might bring us o that place in the sense of imagination 😄😄
But its all good for the sake of full nyummy experiance 👍👍👍🤗🤗


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