Forget about fat πŸ˜‹ : Warung Kopitalyo [updated]

Yesterday was one of those day that i could not easily forget. Real friend, precious moment and oh gosh.. amazing food!

Nasi goreng
Pepes ikan
Ayam kremes

Yes.. we had the opportunity to taste indonesian cuisine in one of the resturant in pasig city. It called warung kopitalyo. It was owned by 2 duo-dynamic filipino womens. For 26 years they have lived in indonesia and go back to create this place.

It was located in pasig, metro manila. Between all the food spot there, this one stand out the most (in my eyes of course).

The enterence look like a traditional javanese carving. It gives you the feeling that your were already “home”

There are some statues displays near the stairs. Perfect spot to take your selfies.

You can dine outside and enjoy the perfect view beyond the hectic of the city. And yes, you will enjoy it😘

We arrived there around 5 pm. So the sun have started to go down. What a perfect view

Its so funny to realize some of the thing that they display here were things that we taken for granted back home

Ketchup as you already know, could be found almost everywhere in Indonesia. But here it get treated like “royal” in nice display, just like wine πŸ˜„

Some indonesia will laugh out loud seeing how this item, like teh botol are being display so perfecly with bunch of his friend

The price there are not budged friendly for student. But you can share food since the sizes are pretty big. So its worthed. And the taste was soo delicious.. πŸ‘ it could release your feeling of being home sick. Like i said.. this is what luxury is 😎.

Thing that we order are :

  • 2 martabak asin *****
  • 1 martabak manis***
  • 2 pepes ikan*****
  • 1 ayam bakar***
  • 1 sop buntut***
  • 1 gorengan**
  • 1 nasi goreng***
  • 1 ayam kremes****

Thanks to @muhammad ramadhan for treating us with this delicious food. It was AMAZING !!!!

And we get to have a wefie with the owner 😍😎😎😎

Till next yummy review 😘😘😘😘

*all the photos here are mineπŸ€—


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