A Quick visit to Hongkong & Macau

Last year me and Tami, were thinking of going somewhere.We were in a middle of an hectic mid sems pressure. After finishing  all the paper, we finally decided to to release the stress by booking a flight to Macau last November.

Oh yes, it was a “out of the blue” kinda thing because Tami found a very cheap flight there. Its around 8600 peso round trip (Philippine-macau-philippine) for two person (cebu pacific) , yes we had promo!! ☺️👍the route that we take was Macau -HK – Macau. And It was my first backpacker experience ever.

For anyone who are interested to go there with limited budget. Here’s my experience

Day 1 : Macau

We arrived in Macau around midnite. We go straight to information center (its a must!!) we just realize that this was a very otomatic but yet cleaver move. 👌😉😉

The person their guide us using the brochure that they provided. She pointed the places in the map, then write us a note, which witten in some chinese words. Because most people there doesn’t speak english and do not read other then their kanji 😫😫

From the airport you could used a bus by paying around  25 pataka but i just found out that we actually can get a ride for free by using a casino bus ride. Hmm.. we really don’t know  that.😓😓😓😓

Macau is well known for its casino places. So if you have lots of money to gamble, this is the place to be.

Anyways, we arrived at the center of macau and got lost😭.  We asked a police officer but still can’t figure out where was the hotel😤.  So we wondering around there until a women recognize that we are indonesian🙏

Alhamdulillah this women, who turn out to be a overseas worker (TKW) helped us to find it. But after a while, they gave up. We decided to looked for ourselves and got another help from a Tibet guy 🙌🏽

Its so funny because this guy actually have a relationship with Indonesian women for almost 8 years. That’s why when he heard our language he was shock that we are indonesian🤔 (what a quincidence)

So from him we finally found our hotel. It was in an ally, the building was very small and it doesn’t look like a hotel at all. At first we were afraid of that place 😰😰😰. So sorry i forgot to photo the hotel. Since i am very 😴

But since it was already 2 o’clock we don’t have any choice. We already paid it upfront for about 3000 ptk.  My friend actually found this place through Online😩

The stair was so stiff and small. The hotel was located at the second floor. But once we get inside, the place looked pretty nice.

This is the card from the hotel, if you want to ho there just show the kanji letter to the person that you come accross in the street.

It was small, but pretty clean. The hotel name are…It has aircon, waterheater and a flat TV. With a queen size bed fitted for 2, the room size was about 3×3 m, yes it was small. And expensive, but at least it was comfort😁

What a day huh??? My first backpack experience without a proper plan.. but hey it was really great experience😄😄

Day 2 : Macau to Hongkong

We have breakfast at this cute lil pastry place. Smells there were very nice.

Last night we slept around 3 o’clock and decided to take the ferrys around 8 (we heard that the price will increased during daytime). But we overslept so we go around 9 that day. We take bus to go to the harbor. It takes about 1 hour.

The place looked great, unlike harbour in Indonesia, it actually looked like a mall, the loket located in the second floor and for food station in third.

You have to pay around 250 hk dollar. The ferry leaves at 10 o’clock, it actually leaves every hour from 6 – 9 PM i guess.

(This is the seat in the ferry)

It was pretty shocking to know that the harbour have the same facilities and vibe like a airport. Since we were cross-walking between 2 countries. Visa was needed for sure. But you can easily get it from the airport after you landed.

Our attempt to Hongkong

We arrived in Tsi Tsa Sui. And wonder around Nathan street. The place where luxury item could be found.

First thing we do when i arrived in HK was finding our hotel. It already 12  o’clock. Our place located at chunking mansion. My friend have looked at the cheapest place there since most of the place in HK aren’t budged friendly.

And oh gosh!! The place was horrible. From outside it looked like a big apartement. First floor was crowded with stores that sell almost everything. Most of the food there were Indian food.

It was a very confusing place. Dark, cluttered and hectic.  I was shocked to noticed that the place was so small. From the internet the room look nice. Here the internet review

The receptionist there couldn’t not give us room since it already fully booked. We actually confused since we also already paid for it. He said we should wait for 1 hour to get our room. And she provided his room if we wanted to pray.

After a while, we were relocated into another hotel still in different unit but still in that chunking mansion area.

There room was so so sooo smalll!! Its about 2×3. Small bed with a 1×1 toilet inside. Its pretty hard even for standing. The price around 300 HKD and it already expensive🤔.
Oh well its an adventour so we just have to deal with it. And its just for a night, most if the day will be out.

Oh well, its for adventure right? So we go to sightseeing around HK. But before that we have to buy an octopus card for using the transportation there. The Price is HK$150 representing a deposit* of HK$50 and an initial stored value of HK$100. You could find it in the counter at the MRT station

After that we tried the MRT to go to Caustway bay area. Since my friend wanted to look for Indonesian embassy. Before that we ate at an Indonesian restaurant.

This also a funny moment because we were being approached by this women holding a flyer of resto menu. When we read it, its a Indonesian restaurant, so we decided to go. She guide us to go there, we thought that the place was near. It turn out to be pretty far. But the taste was good though.

We supposed to go to Mongkok, but in front of the embassy we met two indonesian men. They actually just finished their work in BNI which is located infront of the embassy. And in instant, we find a good vibe with them. So they decided to take us along to see HK for a day.

It was so nice for them to treat us to see the city. They said that we should not go tho mongkok because most of the item there are not in good condition. Thats why it  is very cheap, and also there were so many pickpocket there. So we should be carefull.

They take us to time squere and also treat us dinner. We ate pecking duck, they said is a must!

(Thank you mas Anto and Mas Yapto)

After that we ride teng2 (the bus ride with open air coach) using our octopus card. We go to victoria-park and just hangs there until about 11 o’clock.

After that we went back to the hotel. But still, this is the hardest part, we couldn’t remember our hotel unit, since there were dozen of unit there. So you guys should type, take a picture and remember your hotel if you booked a hotel in chunking mansion.

Day 3 Hongkong to Macau

This is our last day in HK. We planned to go to Ngong ping in Hongkong island. We actually wanted to go victoria peak, but end up in victoria park (yes this is one if my silly experience😆)

Since we have to catch up with the boat to go back to macau at 4 o’clock, we gave to maximalize our time here.

We check out from the hotel at 8 am after breakfast (yes the will serve you mcDonald for breakfast) we buy gift near chunking mansion.

Because the time limitations, we choosed to ride a taxi to Hongkong island, it takes about 1 hour ride and we have to paid 125 HKD (expensive!!)

So my advice for you is just use the MRT, its way cheaper and less stressful (because our heart beat so fast looking at the argo meter😫)

To enter the arena we have to choose the package. We choose to ride the cable car back n forth without including other attraction. It will cost you about 250 hkd each person.

You will ride this cable car For about 30minuets. The view there was amazing! You could see Hongkong and the airport for up there.

We’ve met this amazing men on our way to the top. So funny and energetic. He also offered us his free service to guide us in the top. Wow how great is that😍😍

We really can’t stay long there to see the Big Budhei statue. So we just take a few pictures and went back

After that we went back to catch our boat ride. We have to take the MRT to go back to the harbor.

But first we have to switch transport to bus. Since i am very bew with their bus, i am amaze with how easy it was. They even have this tombol for the stop sign, so you don’t have to yell.

Its really interesting to see how the elderly people their interact. Although their hair were all white, they seem to to be so full of energy. They even ride buses together.

In macau, we actually were planning to go to Veniceian casino. Because our flight is at 8 o’Clock we didn’t have time to go there. 😬

Shes already tired

So that’s the end of our express trip. Hope it would be helpful😇😊

Our expenses for  two person (3D/2N) are:

  • 8600 peso for roundtrip flight
  • 25 ptk bus in macau
  • 3000 hotel in macau
  • 500 ferry from macau to HK
  • 300 hotel in HK
  • 300 octopus / refundable
  • 125 taxi to HK island
  • 500 entries to cable car

This is not included the food there. So you can figure out how much you needed for that trip.


  1. My suggestion to you is extend your trip for at least 5 day if you wanted to explore Hongkong and Macau. 😋
  2. If you just have a one day trip, buy an octopus card for just a day
  3. Share a bed is a must for limited budget.
  4. Do NOT use taxi! Just stick with MRT
  5. Enjoy your trip, stop planning, keep the vibe going, just relax and open your eyes

******Again thank you for duo Anto & Yapto


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