Yes, its that simple..

Today i’ve experience one of that rare moment that I don’t see everyday. A filipino wedding ceremony. The interesting thing was, the convert part.

When we finish our Dzuhur prayer in one of the mosque in Los Banos. A women approached us and said that we should stay for a while to witness a wedding there.

Before the wedding, the groom are willing to convert to become muslim. So there should be a witness to see this moment. And I am really greatful to be in that place.

As i saw, the groom said the syahadat sentences, i got a bit of goosebumps. Syahadat is the main requiretment to be a muslim. Its that simple, but it meant everything❤️

The process itself takes less then 30 minuets. After that, they said the ijab qabul and its all done. The groom could met the bride as a newlywed.

Its simple right?? But often we forgot about the essence of a wedding and get lost in the process of it. The euphoria of wedding became so extravaganza . Those attribute then became a burden that often made people hasitate to pursue a wedding ceremony.

But if we question what matter the most was how 2 people met and unite, it all should this simple 😬

but anyways..

Congratulations..may your marriage be bless and have a wonderfull journey🤗🤗🤗🤗

With the bride (she’s the one in white)


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